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A B O U T   U S 

LEAF & SPADE  was founded by John Mann. He has worked with some of the best gardeners (and designers!) in some of the most innovative public and private gardens in Chicago and San Francisco. He is passionate about great gardening and bringing gardening practice to a level of thoughtful sustainability to provide beauty throughout the four seasons. His work as an artist along with his extensive plant care knowledge guides his planting designs to allow for plant and pollinator health while providing garden spaces that are meant to be lived in and experienced.  

(Fun fact - his photographic work has been exhibited internationally!)  


LEAF & SPADE  is founded on honesty. We believe our clients deserve consistent quality work and clear communication. We believe in a commitment to plant and soil health and using the best (and safest) gardening practices. These beliefs drive how we work with clients, and we think you will notice that in every interaction.  

As a small company we continue to build a client base that relies on thoughtful garden care. We work on both large and modest-sized gardens, but most of all we concentrate our work to be for people who want to be excited by their gardens!   

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